Quick Start

Learn the basics of using Simple Text.

​ πŸ“Ί Video tutorial

Learn in three steps

​1️⃣ Convert your text layer

Select a text layer and press the Simple Text button:

  • Normal click for letter animation;

  • Right-click for word animation;

  • Shift-click for line animation.

​2️⃣Create your animation

The script created a composition known as Animator ID:1. Open this composition and use the Animator layer to create your animations.

You can use the following parameters to control the animations of your text layer:

  • Anchor Point

  • Position

  • Scale

  • Rotation

  • Opacity

For your text to be in its original position, all parameters must be zero, except for scale and opacity, which must be at 100%.

Please note that you can manipulate the Beziers of the animation path and also use the Graph Editor to adjust the speed curves between the keyframes.

To make it easier to view and create the animations, create a new Viewer by clicking onView / New Viewer.

Also use the shortcut Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) + Alt + Shift + N.

3️⃣ Adjust the delay you want

Applied to your text layer, there is an effect known as 2DF SimpleText. In it, you can adjust the input delay between one letter and another, based on seconds.

You can also choose the entry order. Generally speaking, it is normal (from left to right). There are specific buttons for reverse delay (from right to left) and random.

Additional information

✏️ Updating a text

If you need to change a text, you may need to maintain Simple Text. This is because the script creates an exact number of animators for each letter. To update, just click the Simple Text button with the selected layer, so it will update the animation structure.

β€‹βŒ Removing Simple Text from your text

If you want to remove the animations from your text layer, click the Remove Text Animations button in the script. The script will keep all effects applied to the text.

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