Learn to master the animators of Simple Text.

📺 Video tutorial

❤️ Meet the Animators

Animators are compositions created by Simple Text to command your text animations.

To keep the text animation looking the same as the Animator animation, it is important to keep the font size 50 to average, use the scale parameter of the text layer to adjust its final size.

💡 Creating Animators

Each time Simple Text is applied to a text layer, a new Animator is created. Animators are identified by their respective numbers.

In your text layer, you can switch between the Animators already created by typing the intended number in the Animator field of the 2DF effect SimpleText.

You can use the same Animator in different text layers, you can apply Simple Text with the Animator selected in the project. In case the text layer already has Simple Text applied, simply select the animator number in the 2DF Simple Text effect.

If Simple Text is applied to more than one text layer, an animator will be created for all of them.

To create variations of an animator, you can simply duplicate it.

Select the animator in the project and click Ctrl (Cmd no Mac) + D

🗂️ Organizing Animators

To facilitate the animators organization, you can use comments and sub-folders in the project.

You can save your favorite animators. Just save them to a project and import that project when necessary.

⚙️ Advanced techniques

With Animators, you have total control over the animations. You can manipulate the Beziers of the animation path.

Use the Graph Editor to adjust the speed curves between the keyframes.

You can apply expressions in the animation parameters.

Divide your text into parts to use more than one animator with different types of delays in the same sentence.

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