Simple Text
Get Simple Text ready to use.

Video tutorial

Step by Step

After Effects CC 2019 or above

    From After Effects CC 2019 or above, you can install scripts by clicking on the following menu.
File > Scripts > Install Script UI Panel...
    Select the file SimpleText.jsxbin.
    Close After Effects and open it again.

After Effects CS 6 to CC 2018

    Copy the SimpleText.jsxbin file into the After Effects script folder.
Mac OS: Applications\After Effects<version>\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels
Windows: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects <version>\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels
    If After Effects is open, close and open it again.

Starting Simple Text for the first time

Start the script through the After Effects script menu.
Window > SimpleText.jsxbin
If requested, enable Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network.
You can dock the script wherever you want, by clicking and dragging over the panel name.

Adjustments to ensure the best performance

    If you have a compatible graphics card, enable GPU Acceleration.
File > Project Settings... > Video Rendering and Effects
    In After CC 2019 or higher enable JavaScript Expression Engine.
File > Project Settings... > Expressions
The script is ready to use! πŸ‘
Last modified 1yr ago